Woodhouse Ridge Tag-Team Trail Race
Date: Saturday 28 July 2018 (Note NEW DATE / ENTRIES OPEN 01.06.2018)
Race HQ: Hyde Park Book Club, 27-29 Headingley Lane, Leeds, LS6 1BL
Race Starts 12:00
Registration from 10:30
(Can you squeeze in a Parkrun?)


Distance: 20k (5k x4)
Terrain: A bit hilly on well maintained paths + lesser maintained paths

This course will be fully marked, only the most basic navigation skills required

Entry Price: £20 per team affiliated (£22 unafiliated)
Entry Limit 300

Race Licence: TBC

Great Owl Running presents it’s second Tag Team Trail Race of 2018 after the very successful Bramley Fall Tag Team Trail Race.

“What is a Tag-Team race” I hear you say?

To put it simply: You are in a team of 2. When the gun goes off one member of your team sets of and completes a 5k course returning to the start area, they tag the second member who completes the same 5k course. Upon their return they tag runner 1 who then completes their second 5k loop, tagging runner 2 for their second lap and then you are done!

In other words each runner runs 2 laps of a 5k circuit (10k total) 20k per team

A Tag Team is a pair of runners who race as a team, taking the course alternately. One team member cannot start until the other ‘tags’ on finishing their first lap.” The race will end when both members have completed two laps, a total of 20k in distance.

Registration takes place at Hyde Park Book Club and starting about 800m away on the ridge itself, Woodhouse Ridge Tag-Team Trail Race takes in some of the best park trails that Leeds has to offer. A meandering course through Woodhouse Ridge – a local trail just yelling out to have it’s very own race!

This course at this time of year is very likely to be a bit muddy, we’d like to recommend all runners to wear appropriate footwear. Due to the nature of the course (narrow paths, technical sections) headphones are not allowed for this event. This course takes place on public footpaths and respect to all users is necessary.